Welcome to the Ball Clay Heritage Society


South Devon ball clay mine 1950'sThe Society was formed in February 2000, to:

  • further understanding of the history and heritage of clay production, transport and use, particularly in Devon and Dorset;
  • preserve, conserve and realise that heritage;
  • further understanding of the geological origin, occurrence, composition, properties and applications of clays, particularly in ceramics, and
  • assist, collaborate with and provide volunteer support to any trust or organisation established with objects similar or complementary to those of the Society.

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Our Collections

The Society is assembling an important and unique collection of materials relating to Ball Clay. We have a significant collection of artefacts, a large store of archive material, and a range of photographs, films and videos. There is also much important archive material stored at the Devon Record Office.

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The Ball Clay Heritage Society now has a Facebook Page – take a look and share photos from our archive, up-to-date news, join in conversations – and much more at www.facebook.com/BCHS.2000.